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Social Development

Young puppies learning social skills

Rescues learning what life can be

Any pooch wanting to play


Mental Stimulation

Dogs often need more mental stimulation than owners are aware of, lack of mental stimulation often leads to bad habits such as digging, barking, pacing and chewing or stealing.


Physical Exercise

All dogs have a different requirement for physical exercise but lack of exercise can lead to troublesome behavior. Dogs also need exercise to ensure correct muscle formation and an opportunity to burn excess calories.


Emotional Support

Some dogs just come to have someone to hang out with during the day, they may be too young to spend long periods at home alone or just like to have the comfort knowing they aren’t alone. Your dog doesn’t have to be excitable and boisterous to enjoy daycare, there are plenty of cuddles to be had and plenty of snooze stations to occupy if that’s what they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your dog is fully vaccinated then yes you can book your dog in for an initial temperament assessment.

We are non discriminatory, every dog must complete an initial assessment to determine if their temperament is right for our center.

Puppies must be old enough to have completed all vaccinations, we take extra care of our littlest members to ensure they get adequate rest during their days

Dogs must be vaccinated for any communicable diseases, such as kennel cough and parvo. Being vaccinated wont stop the transmission, but will lessen the severity of infection.

If your dog needs food during the day because it is very young, very high energy, or accustomed to having lunch then you can, but it isn’t required.

Your dog will play in a group of dogs best suited to his/her play style and energy. Our dedicated staff are always available to all dogs to ensure games are always fun and no one is getting out of their depth. groups are dictated by temperament, energy and play style, not by size and never by breed.

For the safety of your dog as well as others.

Viral infections can be carried by dogs who are vaccinated, so in scenarios like daycare where the concentration of animals is greater, it increases the risk of coming into contact with something. Having a vaccination doesn’t prevent the spread of an infection but limits the effect on the animal.

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