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Initial Assessment Free

The initial assessment is an opportunity for us to meet your dog and determine if they will enjoy their time with us. Making sure dogs are happy and comfortable in our daycare is our priority.

The first thing we look at is why you are wanting daycare, there are many reasons people want to put their dogs in care.

  • Boredom busting
  • Energy exertion
  • Exercise
  • Mental stimulation
  • Interaction with other dogs
  • Socialization for pups
  • Somewhere to be not alone during the day due to anxiety (conditions apply)
  • Use of boarding facility (conditions apply)

Then we look at what you are hoping to achieve by bringing them in

  • Socialization
  • Comradery
  • Entertainment
  • Exercise
Paws and Play - Services

Then we look at what days suit you for regular attendance. Please keep in mind that this does not always work out. Sometimes a dogs personality is better suited to a different day because of the existing group. Its our job to find the right group. Dogs love stability, they love predictability and routine, so having set days is the best way to make sure your dog settles in quickly. We recommend 2 days a week as good starting point but every dog is different and a personalized plan based on your dogs temperament and personality will be made.

When your dog arrives for their assessment they will be greeted warmly and given all the reassuring pats, then its time to say goodbye to mum or dad for the morning.

They then accompany a staff member out to the daycare where they are given the opportunity to smell and listen and relax in the new environment. Once we see your dog relax we add a few extra stimulants, such as toys and watch the response if this is positive, then one by one we bring new friends to meet your dog while always watching your dogs reactions and making sure we don’t rush them or make them uncomfortable.

By doing this we can determine the temperament and playstyle of each dog and match them accordingly to the right group to make sure all our fur babies are having the best time.

Quiet Time

Between 12:00pm – 2:00pm we have quiet time with our group.

During this time we encourage all our dogs to rest, this does not necessarily mean sleeping.

All the toys get picked up and replaced with blankets and beds and we play gentle relaxing music to encourage the group to calm down.

One of our dedicated carers stays with the group through this period and enjoys wonderful puppy cuddles.

We discourage owners from collecting their dogs during this time, owners must pre arrange collection if they wish to collect their dogs during this time.


Half Day (Up to 5 hours) $25

Concession Cards Available*

Our half day session is a great opportunity for those dogs who don’t need a full day of care but who would benefit from our services.

Some reasons for half day sessions include:

  • Pups that are coming for socializing
  • Older dogs that just come for stimulation
  • Nervous dogs that are doing some gentle desensitization
  • Dogs that are coming just get some time out of home.


Dogs must arrive by 10:30am.

Common times for half day sessions are 7:00am – 12:00pm and 10:00am – 2:00pm

Allowing drop off as early as 6:30am and collection as late as 3:00pm

*Concession cards are non refundable

Full Day (up to 11 hours) $35

Concession Cards Available*

Our full day session offers complete care for your dog while you are at work.

Allowing drop off as early as 6:30am and collection as late as 6:00pm.

If you need extra time, pre-book that extra half hour for $10.00. Collection by 6:30pm at the latest or late fees will apply.

*Concession cards are non refundable

Off-site Walks (30 min) $12 (45 min) $19

Off-site walks enable those who like a little adventure to get out in the fresh air and experience new smells and environments, as well as practice their lead walking.

There’s also the opportunity for some off lead play for those that have mastered the art of recall.


$22 per Night (Daycare cost additional)

Paws and Play - Boarding

Boarding spaces are limited to those dogs that attend daycare regularly, we choose to do this for the safety and comfort of all our lovely dogs.

Our boarding includes daycare, dogs are only kenneled for eating and sleeping

Our purpose-built boarding space allows ample room for your fur baby to have their own bed and creature comforts from home to make sure they are as comfortable as possible for their stay.

If your unsure if boarding is right for you, call us and we can help you work out the best service for you.


Starting from $30

We offer a free initial consultation, so we can meet you and your fur babies and tailor each visit to exactly what you need, to ensure we will have time to feed and care for pets properly each visit, as well as you having an opportunity to meet with our pet sitter so you can go away feeling confident with your choice of sitter.

Our dedicated pet sitter is a qualified vet nurse and has experience with both large and small animals, can administer medications confidently and understands the importance of punctuality.

A pet sitter is a great option for many reasons. From visiting and loving on your cat or walking your dog to feeding and moving your bunny rabbit or guinea pig while your away or even throwing a biscuit of hay to your horse pet cow.


30 minute initial meet and greet Free
30 minute visit $30
60 minute visit $50
2 x 30 minute visits $60
2 x 60 minute visits $90


If your unsure if a pet sitter is right for you, call us and we can help you work out the best service for you.

Paws and Play pet-sitting


Full Groom (1 - 2 hours)

All over body and coat check + Bath, Blow-dry and full body clip to owner’s preference and nail clip.

Ear plucking and Anal glands are done on request.


S = $65 M = $75 L = $85 XL = POA

Half Groom (30 – 60 minutes)

Quick body check + Bath and Blow-dry followed by specific clip and tidy of those important to keep clean areas or specific areas requested by owner on the day.


S = $50 M = $60 L = $70 XL = POA

Hygiene Groom (max 30 minutes)

Quick Body Check + Bath and Blow-dry and clip or shorten of those important to keep clean areas 

  • Eyes
  • Tummy
  • Bottom
  • Armpits
  • Groin
  • Nails


S = $37 M = $47 L = $57

Bath + Towel = from $20 Bath + Blow-dry = from $30

A lovely warm and luxurious deep coat wash and massage with high quality shampoo to suit your dogs skin and coat. Then either a total dry off with the blow-dryer or a quick towel off.

De Matting $30 per 30 minutes (max 60 minutes/session)

Groomer will advise if this is going to be possible or not

A gentle but firm brush out and tease work to loosen those formed matts.

Time spent on each session will be dictated by your dog’s tolerance.

This can be uncomfortable and painful for some very tight matts.

Undercoat removal from $80 (min 1.5 hours)

Undercoat removal with Pro Groom 3 step bath Furex treatment. 

Comb through of coat to remove any debris, 3 step Furex coat treatment followed by full blow out.

$25 per half hour of stripping / De Shedding after the initial 1.5 hours.

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