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Terms and Conditions

I hereby certify that my dog(s) is/are in good health and have not been ill with any communicable disease in the last 30 days. I further certify that my dog(s) have not harmed or shown any aggressive or threatening behaviour towards any person or any other dog.  If my dog(s) do exhibit this behaviour I certify that I have disclosed this information to Paws and Play management.

Paws and Play agrees to: exercise all due and reasonable care in the handling of your dog(s); keep the facility securely enclosed; and maintain safe and sanitary conditions.  All dogs are cared for by Paws and Play without liability on Paws and Plays behalf for loss or damage from disease, theft, fire, death, escape, injury, or harm to persons, other dogs, or property by said dog(s), or for other unavoidable causes.

I have read and understand the following:

  1. I understand that before my dog(s) is/are accepted into day care at Paws and Play they must undergo a 4 hour evaluation. If they pass this evaluation satisfactory, they must attend the recommended days advised by Paws and Play staff for a 2 week period without serious incident on the part of my dogs(s), before the will be considered suitable.
  2. I understand that:
    • If I agree to become a regular day care customer that I will have a standing reservation for a set day/s and that in the instance my dog cannot attend, I will give 24 hours notice and that no shows will incur a day rate charge.
    • If I become a casual day care customer that I book as and when needed and that I will require approval before dropping my dog at daycare.
  3. I understand that I am solely responsible for any harm caused by my dog(s) while my dog(s) is/are in the care of Paws and Play and release Paws and Play of any liability arising from my dog(s) attendance and participation at day care/boarding.
  4. I recognise that there are inherent risks of illness or injury when animals are allowed to be in close contact with one another.  Such risks include, but are not limited to, injuries resulting from rough play, kennel cough and other viral infections.
  5. I further understand and agree that in admitting my dog(s) to Paws and Play, the staff at Paws and Play have relied on my representation that my dog(s) is/are in good health and have not harmed or shown aggressive behaviour towards any person or any other dog.
  6. I understand that my dog(s) will be playing in open areas with other dog(s) and accept that when dogs play in groups, they will get dirty, and nicks and scratches may occur, as well as any other inherent risks that are involved, and I hereby release Paws and Play of any liability:  I further understand and agree that Paws and Play staff and volunteers will not be liable for any problems which may develop.
  7. I further understand and agree that any problems which develop with my dog(s) will be treated as deemed necessary by Paws and Play staff and volunteers, at their sole discretion, and that I assume full financial responsibility for any and all expenses involved if I or Paws and Play decides to obtain medical treatment.
  8. I accept that if my dog causes any excessive damage to the facility that I could be asked to pay for repairs.
  9. I understand that if my dog exhibits persistent barking, howling, excessive noise, overly dominant or anxious behaviour they may be required to be reassessed for suitability and that this is at the sole discretion of Paws and Play staff.
  10. I further understand that if my dog(s) show any excessive aggression towards other dogs, that their acceptance into day care will be re-evaluated.  They will be given 3 chances, depending on the situation surrounding the aggression before they are expelled from the day care.
  11. Human aggressive and “reactive” dogs will not be allowed to attend Paws and Play day care and I understand that if I misrepresent my dog(s) temperament in this form, my dog(s) will be isolated until I collect it/them.
  12. I promise to keep my dog(s) up to date on all vaccines.  It is required by Paws and Play that you provide official updated records from a veterinarian outlining administration dates.  Paws and Play is not responsible for informing of vaccine due dates or providing vaccine records.  Furthermore, when vaccines are updated, a copy must be provided to Paws and Play in order for our records to stay updated.  I understand that should my dog(s) vaccines lapse they may be asked not to attend day care until 7 days after vaccines are administered.
  13. I certify that my entire female dog is not currently on heat and I understand that if a heat does start while she is in attendance at Paws and Play, I will be required to collect her immediately and she will be isolated until I do.
  14. I understand that if my entire male dog shows signs of aggression or excessive dominance, he will be excluded from the pack and I may be required to collect him.I understand that my entire male dog may need to be reassessed for suitability for day care if his behaviour becomes unmanageable in a group environment and he is becoming a hazard to himself or others and this is at the sole discretion of Paws and Play staff. I further agree that in choosing to keep my dog entire I understand the extra training requirements and understand that specific days may be offered and he may be unable to attend on other days.
  15. I understand that as an ongoing safety precaution all entire male and female dogs will be reassessed for suitability every 3-6 months depending on the age, temperament and behaviour. If an incident should occur, they will automatically be reassessed. It is at the sole discretion of paws and play staff when a dog will be reassessed and I understand that limitations and or specific requirements may be applied to my dog’s attendance at Paws and Play as a result of reassessments. The records of all reassessments will be copied for owners to take away.
  16. I give Paws and Play permission to upload photos of my dog(s) on to Facebook.


FAILURE TO PICK UP:  If I fail to pick up my dog(s) by 7pm and paws and play has not been able to contact me and I have not contacted Paws and Play, a late fee will be applied to my bill and Paws and Play will board my dog(s) at the current per night stay rate per dog.

EMERGENCY:  In the event of an emergency, Paws and Play staff will first attempt to contact the owner, followed by an attempt to contact the owner’s emergency contact person listed.  Paws and Play may also directly contact the veterinarian listed, or the emergency veterinarian of Paws and Play’s choice, if the circumstances are deemed such that immediate treatment is necessary.  Paws and Play staff retain sole discretion in emergency matters, without liability, and the owner of the dog(s) agrees to promptly pay for all medical treatments received.

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